Here at OSP we understand and appreciate that customer satisfaction is key to your business…and as you are our customers, this means it’s key to ours too.

We’re incredibly proud of the positive feedback we’ve received over the years, and the testimonies below should give an indication of why…

"OSP’s unique approach and delivery has provided Wolseley with the foundation, tools and ability to build on and deliver continued success. Their skill to quickly build the necessary foundations based on business requirements, develop processes and coach individuals has catapulted Wolseley into a new era of true Customer Centric Merchandising.
OSP's ability knows no bounds and their ability to fit into existing teams and processes is seamless. The post project support they also provide is extremely valuable and ensures we continue to learn and grow together."

Charles Milgate, Wolseley UK,

“OSP stepped into the breach at short notice, quickly acclimatised to the business needs and delivered a superb merchandising outcome which is now being rolled out”



David Weaver, Retail Consulting & Interim Management

“OSP have been providing essential ongoing support to Wyevale as it makes the significant transition to planogram all of its retail space, as a result we have started to maximise our retail space. Their abilities, business understanding and expertise across different platforms has supported the planogram capture of circa 70% of total sku count so far”



Peter Aylott, Visual Merchandising Manager