One off Planogram Creation

We have found most businesses ask themselves the same questions prior to purchasing planogramming software...

"Do I need to purchase the software - I just need a few planograms..?"

OSP have worked extensively with retail suppliers who, justifiably, have no need to purchase a full software package.  However, many of them are now seeing the benefits of having clear planograms for their FSDUs or store units.  We can work with you on a project by project basis, providing site-specific planograms for one-off or limited repeat projects.  Providing stores with planograms specified by you not only allows them to set up more quickly, but also makes sure they set up exactly as instructed.

OSP utilises the most up-to-date software on the market and can design you a bespoke template to deliver clear planograms to your customers or store staff.  We can then manage any changes to maintain and manage your planogram suite.

Once we've got you up and running, we can advise on the best cause of action if you find you are wanting to purchase in the future.

"Are we sure of the business benefits?"

Our experts bring their own licenses of software to you, from which we can create a series of one-off planograms to meet your needs and that will both aid, and simplify the process of purchasing your own software.

We produce data analysis of how these planograms perform in line with your KPIs, providing you with the business case to purchase the software.  The analysis we provide typically includes:

• Stock holding capacity versus sales rates

• Pack size multiples versus replenishment rates and sales

• Location on key performing (or under-performing) SKUs within your fixture

• Overstock holding requirement

In short, we can help you unlock the power of your space planning software - the benefits and rewards of which speak for themselves.

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