Impartial Planogramming Advice

OSP are an expert resource for companies who recognise the benefits of a planogramming system, but who currently lack the experience and/ or understanding of the software to know its full capabilities when measured against the expenditure required for installing a new system.

How we can help:

OSP provide expert consultation on the system that would best suit the needs of your business.  We offer an initial planogramming Creation and Support service to allow you to experience the power and benefits of the software.  Following this, we will create and provide the templates and processes needed for you to embed the software.  We then work alongside your teams to aid and advise, as well as implement training that maximises the potential of your new space planning software.  This includes the planogram creation basics, as well as:

• Running and creating reports

• Using highlights

• Producing pre/ post-activity comparison packs

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