A few words about us

Our specialist knowledge of planogramming software, combined with adopting intuitive processes and providing thoughtful, intelligent space planning solutions makes us an essential tool for a company’s growth.  In short, we strive to optimise the visibility, profitability and productivity of your brand, and your business.

Whilst we are not a visual merchandising resource, our extensive experience enables us to advise on and set up retail space plans, tailored specifically to your business, ensuring any visual merchandising is optimised, providing high performing selling space that meets your needs and means you will be able to focus on what’s important for you as a retailer, namely:

  • Reducing out of stocks
  • Limiting overstock
  • Managing space allocation to under-performing products
  • Managing allocation volumes (not only increasing availability but also decreasing spend)
  • Range change being made simple
  • Optimising your working capital and preventing it from being locked up in stock by keeping quantities in line with replenishment and buying multiples

OSP Retail is a hands-on consultancy with enough experience to be able to understand the specific needs of your business, whilst also being able to quickly recognise where performance can be improved.  We can design and set up processes to establish optimal working practices, for which we provide training, on-going support as well as regular feedback and reporting.



Our team have the knowledge and expertise needed to use a variety of space planning software programmes.


For clients who require a planogramming system, we provide impartial advice and consultation, enabling you to better understand the latest products on the market and what they can do for you.  Once set up, we offer training facilities should you wish to take planogramming in-house.


For those already operating a software system, we have a ‘hit the ground running’ mentality, and will provide comprehensive support to cover your trading peaks, optimise the system you have in place and get it really working for you.

our team

  • Tristan Kemp

    Tristan started his career in retail from an early age working in a Yacht Chandlery on the shop floor selling…

  • Sam Hodgson

     Sam has 19 years of wide-ranging retail experience which has culminated in him becoming our Head of Planogramming. He began…

  • Andrew Higgs

    After a five-year army career in the Royal Signals, Andrew joined Nationwide Direct Marketing prior to launching his own advertising…

  • Rowe Howat

    Rowe began her professional life as an Interior Designer, managing substantial hotel refurbishment projects, as well as her own marketing…