OSP are retail space planning specialists with a proven track record for generating positive results for our clients, both big and small.  Our aim is to enable retailers to function effectively and intelligently, ultimately saving your business time and money.

why us?


We provide highly effective planning solutions tailored specifically to your business, as well as comprehensive training, all the time making sure we remain affordable and provide excellent value for money.


We guarantee to give you the tools and information your business needs to make smarter decisions, function more efficiently, and save money.


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who we are


OSP are a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience, specialising in commercial environments of all sizes.

Whether you're a one-man shop, own your own chain or are a multinational retailer, we can help you get the most out of your business.


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what we do


  • Maximise sales
  • Reduce cash tied up in stock
  • Reduce staff implementation costs
  • One off planogram creation
  • Planogram management
  • Impartial advice
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what`s new


The science behind planogramming is evolving. Make sure you read our blog to stay on top of all of the latest developments.

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